Mourning ceremony wreaths, memorial flowers, hand written ribbon texts - personal and beautiful tribute to the departed.To place an order, it is best to come to the store yourself, where you can choose a suitable mourning device, flowers and, if desired, provide the exact ribbon text. Of course, the order can also be placed by phone or e-mail. In case of large mourning settings, we want a prepayment of at least 50% (in case of transfer, please send a copy of the payment order to the e-mail address pood@liisulilled.ee)Indicative prices for mourning devices (please contact the store for a personal offer):
Symphaty flowers on sprucefrom 120 EUR
Funeral wreath on plastic foam base
31cm diameter base (with flowers ca 35cm)from 70 EUR
36cm diameter base (with flowers ca 40cm)from 90 EUR
41cm diameter base (with flowers ca 45cm)from 110 EUR
55cm diameter base (with flowers ca 65cm)from 160 EUR
Memorial bouquet (with a handle) from 80 EUR
Memorial arrangement on plate/basketfrom 30 EUR
Bouquet for Cremationfrom 40 EUR
only Ribbon(flowers are from elsewhere) paper ribbon 7 EUR
  fabric ribbon 14 EUR
Church decorations(accordingly)

NB! If memorial wreaths are ordered form us, they include the ribbon and handwritten text accordingly to client wishes.