Terms Of Sale

General terms and terms of sale

  • To place an order, you must fill in the required data fields and select the appropriate method of product delivery (I will pick it up at the store myself – free of charge, courier service – according to the choice). The amount of the fee that can be paid via the bank link is then displayed on the screen.
  • The order is executed when the receipt of the current amount of the order has arrived onto bank account of Liisu Lilled OÜ.
  • Due to the specifics of the product, the product cannot be returned. Feedback can be given to the e-mail address (www.liisulilled.ee)
  • Liisu Lilled is not responsible for defects that have occurred after the delivery of the product to the buyer.
  • In our “Liisu Lilled”  flower shop one can pay by cash or by credit-, debit card.
  • The service will take place according to the opening hours from Monday to Sunday from 7.30 to 21.00, unless otherwise stated.i.
  • The courier service is provided between 8:00 and 20:00.
  • The on-site service at the shop is available until 21:00i.

Terms Of Sale and Delivery

  • Payment is made in Euros.
  • The order is filled on the date and time provided by the customer.
  • If the buyer wishes to pick up the product himself, he can do so throughout the day on the day the order was placed (regardless of the time specified in the order).
  • If the buyer wishes to use the courier service for the delivery of the product, the order will be filled according to the date and time provided in the form.

Privacy Policy

  • Customer data is used only to ensure professional and high-quality (courier) service and is not disclosed to third parties..
  • Liisu Lilled uses the personal data entered by the buyer (incl. Name, telephone number, address, e-mail address) only to process the order and to send the product accordingly.
  • Liisu Lilled transmits clients personal data to the courier company in order for the product to be delivered.