Are You planning a wedding or are You invited to one? We can advise and help!

We have long-term experience in making wedding decorations. It is wise to contact us at least two weeks before the important event (so that we can order flowers according to your wishes), but we have also found a suitable solution for the customer with only a day's notice (from the flower selection in the store).

For better budget planning, here is an example to the main wedding-related options (for a personal offer, we recommend that you contact us):

Bridal bouguet from 60 EUR
Bridal bouquet on holderfrom 70 EUR
Boutonniere12 EUR
Arrangement for the car (korso)from 70 EUR
Full car decorationfrom 120 EUR
False bouguetfrom 25 EUR
Bridal wreathfrom 30 EUR
Room decorations(accordingly)
Church decorations(accordingly)
Taking care of the flowers, delivery and vase services of flowers donated to the bridal couple to the wedding house can be ordered if another wedding flower solution is ordered from Liisu Lilled.
Work hour /25 EUR
Transport  (back and forth)0,80 EUR/km